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I'm a writer of WWII era romances. As a daughter and granddaughter of veterans, I have always felt compelled to write stories that honor our nation’s heroes and heroines. With a WWII era romance novel, I hope to touch the younger generations of Americans, who in return would want to learn more about the lives of those who have gone before us and the sacrifices they have made to ensure our freedoms. I also hope to reach out to those who lived through it all, giving them a pleasant walk down memory lane. What better characters for a romance than those from the Greatest Generation and in a setting considered the Last Great Romantic Era? Southern California is home, where I reside with my loving husband and two adorable sons.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Back into the Swing of Things

I’m a writer. It feels so good to say that. Actually, I’m a published writer - which is even better to say! So what is it that I write? Well, I can tell some are about to groan and roll their eyes, but I write romances. Yep. That’s right. I write romances and am proud of it! The romances of today are not the “bodice rippers” of yesteryear! There’s many “sub” genres to romance - historicals, mystery, contemporary, time travel, paranormal (which can range from vampires to ghosts and much, much more). I write historicals - WWII era romances. As I mentioned above, I do have one pubished: A Pair of Wings, with Vintage Romance Publishing. I’ve been on a doctor imposed hiatus with a difficult pregnancy and an even more difficult delivery, so haven’t had a chance until now to get back into my writing career. But it’s been worth it, as I have an adorable little two month old son. I also have a 17 yr old son who graduates from high school this year! YIKES! Yes, it seems I’m a bit insane! They are exactly 16 years and 51 weeks apart in age! Needless to say, things can get a bit crazy around here - and this is the creative atmosphere in which I work! It’s hard to work it all in - the marketing of the current book, researching and writing the new one, feeding and changing the little one, getting the teenager to do his homework and chores (yeah, right, like that’s possible in real life!), cleaning house and cooking supper. Guess which ones fall to the wayside?! Yep - the house is clean but not spotless and we eat a lot of take out! lol! I’ve learned to power clean the house during the baby’s 20 minute naps and type one handed as I’m feeding or holding him! Sigh… but it’s all been worth it as I look at my family and all I’ve managed to accomplish with my writing as well. I'm a writer and a mother and love the challenge and triumphs of combining the two! Right now, I'm working on marketing A Pair of Wings, researching and writing the next one, Kiss Me Once Again, and updating/revamping my web page. I've got lots of great contests going on, so that keeps me busy as well! I love this life! :)


Blogger Debby said...

Congratulations. PArticularly on being able to say that you are a writer.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Lainey said...

My parents fell in love during WWII she was 17 and working on a base and she met him thru his parents she knew first. At 19 he was in on the end of the war and in Japan during the Occupation. When he was somewhere around 21 and my mom 19 he called from Japan and proposed to her over the phone. He had a friend in the Army Public Relations field so they took his picture on the phone when he made the call proposing and it made all the newspapers locally in Massachusetts where they lived. Anyway it was romantic they got married in June of 1947. Unfortunately dad died when I was six at age 38 but mom only just left us 2 yrs ago poor dad had to wait another 42 yrs til he could bring his forever love and sweetheart to heaven with him. I know he was there to take her when it happened. Anyway they are happy up there and together. Forever love even separated eventually gets to be reunited. Love ya Mom and Dad. And mom raised all of us 6 kids on her own, she was fantastic.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Crystal Stone said...

Congrats on everything...There is 16 years between me and my youngest brother...LOL...I can only imagine what you are going through with them being in the same house...I was living with my mom when my real dad and his girlfriend had Jacob...I found out about it over the phone...LOL...My first reaction was I am 16 years old and you are trying to tell me that I am going to be a sister all over again...You are crazy right...LOL...But I love him...I just wish I could see more of him...He is now 8 and I have only seen him 5 times...Jacob and his mom moved away to another state for her to finish school...But anyways I just imagine what you are going through...It sounds like you have a very busy schedule...LOL...And I am glad you are getting back in the swing of things...

2:42 AM  

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