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I'm a writer of WWII era romances. As a daughter and granddaughter of veterans, I have always felt compelled to write stories that honor our nation’s heroes and heroines. With a WWII era romance novel, I hope to touch the younger generations of Americans, who in return would want to learn more about the lives of those who have gone before us and the sacrifices they have made to ensure our freedoms. I also hope to reach out to those who lived through it all, giving them a pleasant walk down memory lane. What better characters for a romance than those from the Greatest Generation and in a setting considered the Last Great Romantic Era? Southern California is home, where I reside with my loving husband and two adorable sons.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's Official - I'm Certifiably Insane

Now I know those of you who have known me for some time, are thinking, "Yeah, we already knew that. What's taken you so long to figure it out?" So I'm slow! But this week has been the clincher to convince me y'all have been right all along (and if my brother is reading this - I may never again admit you're right so enjoy it while you can!!! lol!). If you noticed, I've haven't updated my blog in awhile. I've been just a little busy. First, I had to finish shopping for all the contest prizes!! If you haven't checked out my contest and prizes, I suggest cruising on over to my home page (link on the left over there under "My Home Page" ) and taking a look-see. Then I discovered Ryan has outgrown his newborn clothes and now needs a size 3-6 months. I know, I know - it's not like this snuck up on me as he's almost 3 months old and is growing like a little weed. But in my mind's eye, he's still that fragile little newborn I brought home from the hospital! Needless to say, we went to that evil of all evil stores: Babies 'R Us. I mean, this must be the first realm of Hell, as there's just so much to buy and not enough checks in the checkbook - I mean money in the account! :) Where was all these cute clothes for boys 17 years ago with my first born?? Did they just now realize that boys can be dressed in cute little outfits, too?? Sheesh! (rolling eyes here, as common sense is so rare these days) And Friday was wedding anniversary number 5! Yea!!! I was all ready to celebrate, as we've been making up for lost time of being on "pelvic rest" since last MARCH!! But nooooooooo - I was cruelly reminded that Mother Nature not only has a twisted sense of humor, she also has one hell of a mean streak!! lol! But I did get a new, nice mini hard disk drive camcorder!!! Now I can take hours upon hours of boring - I mean captivating - home videos of my children to share with my extended family!! So here's to five more years (to start with, then we'll add more as time allows! Love, ya, honey!!) and for continuing to make up for lost time! Then came Saturday, with all my good intentions of writing on my new romance, Kiss Me Once Again, and updating all the little errors on my webpage. But no - the Nebraska - Texas football game was on. Now, being a Husker fan living in California can be a pain as we're not in the tv coverage area (why not is beyond me - I mean, isn't everyone a Husker??) to watch the game, and I'm relagated to listening to it over the internet. Oh yeah - I'm the football fanatic in the house - hubby can't stand it! lol! He's a hockey player, so we're always arguing - I mean debating - about who's tougher (he's says hockey as football players wear pads and helmets! But that's another topic!). Yeah - I kinda got depressed for the rest of the weekend after that heartbreaker (we had it - we should have held on to it!!!! ) and didn't get much done. Then came the event that convinced me I'm certifiable! I got this hairbrained idea that since I didn't have enough time in the day or evening, the only time I could get back into the gym was after Ryan's middle of the night feeding: meaning anywhere between 1 and 2 am! Now I get up and feed the little Sweetpea, tuck him in bed with hubby (I'm trying to make it easier on him by having Ryan so close and not on the other side of the apartment, should he wake up hungry), get myself ready, and head to the gym for a couple of hours for a grueling, fat burning, muscle toning, I'm going to kick those size zeroes in the butt someday soon, workout. I'm on my third day, and haven't killed anyone or dropped dead myself, so it must be working! And I even managed to get my web site tweaked and fixed!! And here I am, updating my blog, getting ready to call a few bookstores and try and set up some signings, and then..... WRITE!!! I know it sounds crazy, but those couple of hours at the gym, with no worries, the mp3 player going in the background, that "zone" - gets those creative juices flowing and some of my best ideas for plots, characters, etc. come to me. It's been happening this week and I can't wait to get it all down and get my new story moving along! This morning, I even came up with the concepts of my new contests for November (gotta wait til then to see the announcements!!) and I'm all excited! So maybe I'm not as certifiable as others may believe - I've held off the men in the white coats this long and don't see them running at me, screaming and holding out a straight jacket - yet, anyway. Besides, I'm convinced the last time I saw them, it was just a delusion! :)


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When do you ever sleep...You go to the gym at 1 am...That is when I am going to bed and sometimes later...I also am doing exercises as well...And I am using Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning Real Shapes Real Sizes...I hope it works...I also have a dance video that I am working with...Good Luck on the weight lose...I know I need it...LOL...

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