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I'm a writer of WWII era romances. As a daughter and granddaughter of veterans, I have always felt compelled to write stories that honor our nation’s heroes and heroines. With a WWII era romance novel, I hope to touch the younger generations of Americans, who in return would want to learn more about the lives of those who have gone before us and the sacrifices they have made to ensure our freedoms. I also hope to reach out to those who lived through it all, giving them a pleasant walk down memory lane. What better characters for a romance than those from the Greatest Generation and in a setting considered the Last Great Romantic Era? Southern California is home, where I reside with my loving husband and two adorable sons.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rocking A Fussy Baby Is A Cardio Workout... Right?

I came to this conclusion at 530 this morning as I rocked Ryan, begging him to go back to sleep, cringing at the pain in my calves with each push of the rocker-recliner. Now, I know you're thinking - what the heck was I doing for simple rocking to be so painful? Well, remember - I now go to the gym after his earlier feeding - anywhere between 2 and 3 am. (And it's working great - already lost 5.5 pounds this week and more importantly - starting to lose the inches!! Woo-Hoo!!) Yesterday was "legs day" where I just work legs (hubby helped me put the routine together - just concentrate on one body area per day so the muscles get the proper rest between workouts! Wed=legs, Thur=chest, Fri=back, Sat=arms, Sun=abs, Mon=shoulders, Tues=just cardio). I really worked on my legs, as that's not just my problem area, but also one of my stronger areas (chest is the hardest for me - the weakest area! AUGH!!). And as I was rocking, pushing with my calves, feeling the sorness from the previous day, it dawned on me that motherhood in itself can be a whole workout routine! I mean, think about it! You have a 15 pound wiggling sack of potatoes that you carry around, jiggle when he's fussy, rock him back and forth, play with him. And let's not forget putting him in the car seat carrier and having to haul him up and down stairs and out to the truck! That really gets those arms pumped! In fact, I change arms each day when I carry him out to the car - that way not just the right gets stronger! Then there's working the abs. I can hear you out there: And just how do you work abs as a mother? Well, let me tell ya! :) The other day, Ryan was fussy (see the teething post!! lol!) and nothing would comfort him but movement (see: we walk and walk and walk and walk - there's some cardio!!), but after having walked him around the apartment and jiggled him up and down for nearly 45 minutes, my arms were getting just a wee bit tired. So I sat on the end of the bed, only to have him let me know very loudly that he wanted to move (the recliner/rocker didn't help this time so I had to come up with something different). Then it came to me - I twisted my torso from side to side while cradling him in my arms, giving him a rocking motion that was different. Bingo! After 15 minutes, he was out! And I realized I was also working those obliques by tightening my abs and twisting the torso - feel the burn!! lol! I think someone should write a how to book on exercising while caring for that crying baby!! Who needs dumbbells when you have an infant? Who needs a treadmill when you have a toddler? So now I don't feel as guilty when I cut my workout a little short by doing only 5 laps in the pool instead of 10, or only do 3 sets instead of 4 - I get a second workout just by being a mom! Now ain't that cool??!!


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